Pre Workout Nutrition

Soylent Meal Replacements 18/06/2020

Served Up: Soylent Meal Replacements Explained

It’s been touted as a “food of the future,” but what is Soylent? What kind of nutrition is best for the human body? How much of it should you be consuming — and how do you go about preparing and cooking dishes that are optimal for health and fitness? These are the questions that have transfixed humanity since we became aware of what we were putting into our mouths and the effects things have on our health and our waistline. This has been increasingly the case since highly processed foods... Read More

Male fitness protein intake 05/06/2020

Count on This: Our Calculator to Discover Your Optimal Protein and Calorie Intake

Now you can work out how much protein and calories you need to properly fuel your workouts, or to slim down or shape up. Just about everyone wonders at some point how much protein they should be taking in and the maximum number of calories they should be consuming daily. This is especially true for gym-goers and athletes, who want peak performance and to get the most out of their diet, all without overdoing it and unintentionally putting on weight.  There can also be a somewhat pervasive obsession with protein:... Read More