Why Plant-Based Protein Is Muscling in on Workout Regimens

Is plant-based protein powder any good? A growing army of fitness enthusiasts and muscle-builders think so. 

It used to be that if you were serious about building muscle, you had to eat a lot of meat, and — if you wanted to bulk up — it was believed you had to add a large amount of protein powder to your diet. That would be of the animal variety, and usually, whey or casein — both derived from milk. But it’s all changing, and a growing number of people believe plant-based protein powders are equally as good in the muscle-building stakes, if not better. 

The popularity of documentary films such as The Game Changers is a testament to the transition that’s taking place in the fitness world, as more people move away from meat and towards a plant-based diet, including supplementing it with vegetable-type protein powder. The Netflix film “tells the story of James Wilks — elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner — as he travels the world on a quest to uncover the optimal diet for human performance,” the film says

Changing of Protein Attitudes

Wilks, and others — including bodybuilding hero, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appears in the film — realize a plant-based diet is best. That’s because it not only prevents diseases from taking hold in the body but — crucially — can allow far more rapid recovery times due to a vegan diet’s anti-inflammatory properties. This particular advantage enables athletes and others to work harder, recover faster, and maximize their performance. 

The old image of a vegan as a weakling is dramatically busted in the film. It showcases vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian, who can flip a car with his hands, lift an extraordinary number of weights and even carry several people down a road on a specially designed contraption. 

As more people begin to realize plant protein can equal great power, things are starting to change, and sales of vegan protein powders are starting to soar. One forecast puts the value of the global plant-based protein supplement market at $4.18 billion, with annual growth up to 2025 of 7.9%.

What Are Plant-Based Protein Powders?

There are now many types of plant-based protein powders on the market, and let’s not forget where animals get their protein from — plants. Among the most common and popular are those made from hemp, soy, pea, rice, and others. Spirulina, a type of algae, is also high in protein and taken by many health and fitness enthusiasts. 

Now there is news that another type of water-dwelling plant, duckweed — also known as the water lentil — is packed full of protein and is being commercially grown to make into a protein powder. This plant has been found to contain something that may be missing from the average vegan’s diet, potentially imperiling their health, unless they take it in another form — vitamin B12. 

We are now at a time when the public understanding of quality protein as only coming from animal sources is evolving to also encompass good protein from plants. There can be follow-on benefits too. A recent study put overweight people on a plant-based diet. After 16 weeks, it found that “The plant-based vegan diet proved to be superior to the control (meat-based) diet in improving body weight, fat mass, and insulin resistance markers.” 

That’s super news for anyone looking to shift the pounds and get lean — while also building muscle. It’s no surprise, then, that plant protein powder is gaining wide acceptance in the fitness and bodybuilding community as a supplement that can help them make serious gains. 

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