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Our bodies are full of millions and millions of healthy bacteria, most of which live in our gut. Essential for a healthy body, sometimes the good bacteria in our bodies need help which you can jumpstart with the live bacteria contained in probiotics. Recommended for gut and digestive problems, probiotics can make the difference between gastrointestinal issues and a healthy gut.

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About Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that promote general intestine and gut health by supporting the existing healthy bacteria in the body. While many people connotate bacteria with sickness, your body is already full of millions of bacteria that keep you healthy, most of which are housed in your gut and intestines. Probiotics promote intestinal well-being by adding to the healthy bacteria in your body and helping balance out the body's natural bacterial system. 

Why take probiotics?

Recommended for digestive issues, probiotics can regulate your system by adding more good bacteria into your body. Stress, antibiotics, or ongoing medical issues like IBS and IBD can disrupt the healthy bacteria that naturally live in your body, causing you abdominal distress or compromised immune health; probiotics help realign your system after these disruptions. Sometimes your intestines need the added boost that Probiotics can deliver, which is why Fuel Station has a wide range of probiotics so you can find the one that's right for you and your unique body.

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