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Soylent burst onto the scene with its collection of delicious and accessible meal replacement products. Offering a broad selection of drinkable meals, as well as satisfying snacks, Soylent is leading the way in healthy, on-the-go nutrition. Browse our wide variety of Soylent products today.

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About Soylent

Founded by Rob Rhinehart in 2013, Soylent was created with the idea that food can be simplified for the better. Soylent's originators all had backgrounds in software engineering, so it made perfect sense that they set out to engineer better food for themselves and the world. 

Soylent products contain a plethora of plant-based proteins and carbs, all carefully selected by the founding engineers to deliver a satisfying and healthy alternative to a regular or snack. With such a wide variety of different drinks, snacks, and supplements, it's easy to find a Soylent product that works just for you.

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Soylent Reviews: What do the fans say?

Soylent is one of the most well-established and respected nutrition companies in the industry. With their record-breaking crowdfunding projects and constant ingenuity, they are leading the way in meal replacement and nutritional product technology. 

Fans rave about their simplified drinks and snacks that allow users to get substance and nutrition in a pinch. Soylent seeks to remove the "food void" from consumer's lives, that unfortunate situation where you might get caught eating something you'll regret or you might not eat at all. With their wide selection of simple and delicious products, avoiding the next food void easy!

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